Senior Pastor
Jennifer Tweit
Jennifer Tweit pastors Expectancy in Mountain Iron, Minnesota alongside her  husband affectionately known as, “Limey”. She is a prophetic teacher/ preacher who burns for all creation to awaken to their true identity and confidently live out their individual and corporate Kingdom mandates. Jennifer brings a strong marriage of the Word and the Spirit, releasing revival into the hearts of people. Her desire is to see the Body of Christ one in Spirit and Truth, while working together in love, bringing expansion of Christ’s Kingdom for His good pleasure.
Apostolic Covering
Calvin and Shirley Woods
Calvin and Shirley Woods are the co-founders of Harvest Praise Invasion International and Free Life Family Worship Center in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, metro area.

Calvin Woods’ has nearly 40 years of combined pastoral and itinerant ministry experience. God has used him in an apostolic/prophetic call to greatly impact not only his own region but many nations. Scores have been set free as he ministers through song and prophecy.

Shirley Woods’ strong prophetic teaching ministry continues to impact and instruct believers in their walk with Christ. She has also inspired many women in their callings through conference and retreat settings.

Calvin & Shirley are both passionate and committed to seeing the captives set free, discover their calling, trained/equipped for ministry and prepared for the return of Christ. The Woods have 9 children and live in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Pastoral Advisor
Cherish Knudson
Cherish Knudson pastors Oasis Intl., along side her husband Patrick. Oasis is a training center for leaders in Ely, MN. Cherish also ministers in the U.S. and abroad through teaching, and prophetic worship/ministry. One of her many passions is to bring believers into a greater revelation of worship. She is a song writer, recording artist and seasoned worship leader who flows with Holy Spirit, releasing spontaneous songs that bring freedom and healing. Cherish and Patrick are passionate to see believers become the spotless bride and reveal the Kingdom of God in the earth, leading many to salvation
Pastoral Advisor
Brian Holley
Brian Holley is a husband, father of five, and a powerful minister of the gospel. He excels in prophetic intercession and worship with a mandate to prophesy “life” to dry bones. Brian recognizes the great importance of discipleship to ensure that what is gained in wisdom in one generation doesn’t die there. He is in awe of our invitation to share in the harmony and communion found between The Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Currently, Brian is an Associate Primary Leader of Free Life Family Worship Center and board member of Harvest Praise International.



Dale “Limey” Tweit
Worship Pastor
Jason Kelley
Women’s Ministry Pastor
Suzanna Kelley
“Limey” as he is affectionately known, is often called, “a man’s man”. A true evangelist, he’ll talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime. He lives from a heart of deep gratitude for all that God has done. This man is boldly unashamed of the gospel and a loving shepherd of God’s people.  He’s famous in these parts for showering people with “You’re loved!”.
Jason is a passionate worshiper and a legend during “testimony time”. He also serves as our Worship Pastor. His favorite aspect of Father is a continual revealing of His loving kindness toward us. Jason is a “healing of the broken-hearted” type of guy.  For Jason, Kingdom is about family and he wants to see everyone come home. His message is, “You are loved and wanted”.
Suzanna hates the burden and hypocrisy that religion brings. Her gentle spirit accompanied by her strong gift of prophetic spoken word, describes the delight of breakthrough upon discovering the liberty which can only be found through intimacy with Father.  “Suz” as she is often called, is all about freedom, transparency, restoration, mercy and hope. Her battle cry though is MERCY. This lady is deep, funny and radically loves Jesus.
Children’s Pastor
Tracey Oates
Community Care
julie Buria
Tracey not only makes a mean apple pie, she is a serious student of the pursuit of God and His Word. She continually keeps the Expectancy community forging ahead through steady intercession, in fact you could say that prayer is her full-time job. She is undaunted in her faithfulness, diligence, loyalty and commitment to God and His people.
Julie carries the spirit of the evangelist. You’ll find her telling every one she meets about the good news of Jesus Christ. She also happens to be our General Administrator. She serves in excellence with a desire to please her Lord at all times. Julie is famous for, “Let’s do this! and Go big or go home!”

Deacons – Serving

Margie Larson
Tyler Nylund
Valerie Jordan
Never without a smile on her face, Margie has a gift of, “welcome” and a “can do!” attitude. She is up for whichever way God wants to use her in Kingdom. She is a true caregiver, with a gift for loving people. Margie helps them believe just how valuable they are by exemplifying the love and service of Christ.
This guy is something else. Whether Evangelism, Intercession, Worship. Tyler is the, “Real McCoy” and has such a heart for EVERYONE.  For Tyler, Christianity is truly lifestyle.  He sees each person as a beloved vessel, waiting to be filled with hope, identity and Father’s love. He is generous with his heart and his time, loving expectantly and selflessly.
Valerie takes after her, “Father” in her heart for righteousness and justice. Her spirit soars in intercession for the lost, hurting and broken as she yearns to see the wrongs made right.  Valerie is also a true servant and looks after the Body of Expectancy with excellence and diligence. Thank you Lord for Valerie.
Jarrett schottmuller
Kylie Schottmuller
Peter Scott
Jarrett’s tender heart is the first thing you notice, that and his awesome drumming. In his own words, he loves his family and is doing his best to raise his children to know Jesus intimately and become a follower, not a fan. He chooses to be a demonstration of Father’s kindness, longing for all to be drawn in by His love. Jarrett is always ready to encourage the one in front of him.
Genuine, hospitable,  kind and wise are words that would describe Kylie. This wife and mother of 4 is an example of faithfulness to God, family and prayer. In addition to her deep commitment to intercession, she is a worshiper and loves mentoring young couples with her husband Jarrett.
Exuberant is the word. This guy is hard after Jesus Christ and lets it be known. Peter is the guy you want to run into when you need a reminder that Jesus wins and you do too when you know and believe in Him! During the week he is an effective and powerful facilitator and intercessor. Sunday mornings you’ll find him giving his all on the worship team. Sunup to sundown Peter is God’s man bringing transformation everywhere he goes through the love and Truth of Jesus Christ.
David Stimac
Crystal Aubin
“Good people” and “salt of the earth” describes David. Don’t let his gentle demeanor fool you though, like his biblical namesake, David, is a man after God’s own heart, whether worshiping with guitar or slaying lions with the sword of the word. His commitment is to the Lord, His house and His people. David’s faithfulness and kindness cause him to shine bringing glory to his Heavenly Father.
This lady carries the fire. She is electric in spirit and personality. Crystal’s zeal generates from a strong love of her Lord and a passion for seeing those who are bound delivered. She lives out Galatians 5:1, “It’s for freedom sake that we’ve been set free!” When she is not rending the heavens in intercession, you’ll find her active with her husband and six children.